Devices for safe storage and transport of hazardous materials

The Company has its own engineering and technological team. We design, manufacture and test a wide range of products for isolation, transport, and storage of explosives. The devices designed and constructed by JAKUSZ undergo a number of tests performed either in house or by independent institutions. Furthermore, all prototypes have to pass dynamic detonation tests and are certified by research institutes, e.g., by the Military Institute of Armoured and Automotive Technology, the Military Institute of Armament Technology, or the Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry.

Special chemical technologies

In the area of chemical products, the company focuses on setting up of the technological lines for production of special chemicals, including high-energy explosives, components of explosive compositions and propellants (solid and liquid). Projects executed by JAKUSZ concern installations of various production capacities, starting with the laboratory scale up to extensive production complexes with complete logistic facilities.

Technologies for industrial disposal of munitions

JAKUSZ Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) has particular expertise in the field of safe disassembling and disposal of almost all types of conventional ammunition as well as recycling of materials obtained from that process for their reuse in the civil industry. We offer technologies for disposal of ammunition in the range of calibers from 5,45 mm up to 203 mm, mortar ammunition to max 240 mm caliber and special ammunition, rockets, mines and air munitions.