JAKUSZ company was established in 1985, but its tradition dates back to the 1940’s, when the father of the owner began producing safes.

Since its inception JAKUSZ company has been implementing new technologies connected with widely understood security.

For many years, JAKUSZ meant security in the banking market. We have manufactured and installed hundreds of devices in Poland and abroad, such as armored cabinets, innovative modular strongrooms and strongroom doors.

The most interesting implementations are: water-tight strongroom for the Jagiellonian Library, strongrooms for Polish Security Printing Works with a floor area of several hundred square meters and constructions of underground bank vaults.

Skarbce i kasy pancerneVaults and stafes produced in the 1940s.

In the early 1990's the company began research that led to the development of new groups of devices. Resistance tests of strongrooms to burglary with explosives resulted in development of different types of constructions – devices protecting against explosion effects, whereas tests of fireproof cabinets and cabinets for magnetic media storage initiated works on structures resistant to the penetration of the electromagnetic field.

On basis of previously gained experience, the company started to implement innovative technologies for ammunition disassembling and destruction, as well as different constructions for transport and storage of hazardous materials.

Produkcja pojemników przeciwwybuchowychProduction of explosion-proof containers.

From that moment our offer is constantly extended with new installations for disposal of different kinds of munitions, storage constructions and explosion containment vessels.

As a result of company’s dynamic growth, at the beginning of 2013, the sole proprietorship entity was transformed into a commercial law company - JAKUSZ Bogdan Jakusz Sp. z o.o.