Devices for storing and transporting hazardous materials

JAKUSZ Company has designed and tested many types of warehouses, armoured checkpoints, and containers for isolation, safe transport and storage of hazardous materials.

A consistent expansion of own research capacities, development of new technologies in cooperation with research institutes, as well as responding to changing needs of our customers led to the current range of products used for protection against consequences of explosion.

Containers for isolation and transport of hazardous materials – luggage, parcels, or war remnants.

Containers are installed on trailers, mobile platforms,or chassis. It is the most extensive line of explosion--proof containers, meeting various needs of our customers. Individual containers are resistant to the explosive detonation of 20 g to 10 kg, expressed asTNT equivalent.


JAKUSZ offers specialized containers for temporary or long-term storage of:

  • weapons and ammunition;
  • explosives;
  • other combat means/initiating agents;
  • unexploded ordnance (UXO);
  • pyrotechnics.

Similarly as in the case of other products, the Company manufactures customised containers in accordance with the user’s requirements concerning:

  • container resistance class;
  • design type and internal arrangement;
  • auxiliary systems, such as lightning, alarm, fire prevention, monitoring, and other systems.

Allwarehousestructuresaredesignedtakingintoaccountlocalregulations and occupational safety and work ergonomic rules.

Explosion-proof containers for isolation of suspicious objects and reduction of results of a possibile explosion

Devices from this category are only intended to limit consequences of explosion and direct the detonation energy. This group includes:

  • Explosion-proof bins – reinforced bins imitating litter bins, into which explosives can be thrown by a possible terrorist. These bins can be installed at locations where large groups of people gather, such as airports, shopping arcades, public utility buildings, or stadiums.
  • Ballistic shields– cylinders of metal or special materials which are placed over a suspicious object at a location of its finding for immediate protection against an uncontrolled explosion. The ballistic shields can be used by bomb technicians


Airport containers are used to isolate suspicious luggage in the outer zone of the airport or in the sorting area. They are resistant to detonation of up to 8 kg of explosive in TNT equivalent and to light fragments from luggage.



Police containers, installed on trailers in a set up to 3.5 T or in pyrotechnic vehicles, are intended for the transport of terrorist loads or IEDs found in public places.

MILITARY containers

MILITARY containers

Military containers are intended for the transport of unexploded ordnance from the place of collection to the place of their neutralization. Construction is resistant to detonation of up to 10 kg of explosives in the TNT equivalent and heavy fragments of artillery ammunition with a caliber of up to 152 mm.

Laboratory containers

Laboratory containers

Laboratory containers are intended, among others, for the transport of detonators and explosive samples. Small-sized containers allow for easy transport of hazardous material by one or two people. They protect against explosion up to 200 g of explosive in the TNT equivalent.