MILITARY containers

MIESZKO container

MIESZKO container

The ventilated container MIESZKO, open type, is intended for the transport of war remains - misfires and unexploded bombs, to the place of their neutralization. It is a solution that allows for quick and safe operations in urban areas.

The container is designed to protect the environment from all effects of the explosion - shock wave, flames and shrapnel.

The device can be used to transport explosives and other hazardous materials with a power of up to 10 kg in TNT equivalent. It protects against heavy fragments of artillery shells with a caliber of up to 152 mm.

The container is mounted on a heavy duty trailer.
Two-axle trailer.
Loading arm with a reach of up to 3 m and a load capacity of up to 70 kg.
Permissible total weight - up to 3 000 kg.
Sapper equipment according to the needs of customers.