Components of explosive compositions and rocket fuels

Ion liquids (ILs) production line

Ion liquids (ILs) production line

Enables production of one of three generations of Ionic liquids, depending on properties the cation and anion structures are supposed to provide, for instance: TSILs, energetic ILs, catalysts for chemical reactions, bactericides and fungicides, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory products.

Ionic liquids, like hydrogenperoxide are environmentally friendly, and classified as environmentally friendly rocket propellants (“green propellants”). ILs can replace or limit the use of preparations consisting of several compounds, are easy to handle,and do not require additional safety measures. Therefore they are less hazardous to people and the environment, and this is very important from the perspective of further development of rocket systems based on new propellants.

Produced ILs are characterized by their high purity, ranging from 90 to 99%.

Ion liquids have many applications e.g., as solvents with a broad spectrum of activity, and in liquid chromatography, biocatalytic reactions, electrochemistry,energy production, and organic syntheses.