Components of explosive compositions and rocket fuels

Production line for rubbers, e.g.: HTPB / CTPB

Production line for rubbers, e.g.: HTPB / CTPB

Free-radical polymerization allows production of HTPB – Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene, and of CTPB – Carboxyl-terminated polybutadiene.

Solution polymerization with lithium compounds (anionic polymerization) enables production of the following rubbers: PB – Polybutadiene, IPB – Isoprene – polybutadienecopolymer, IHPTB – Isoprene – polybutadiene polymer with hydroxyl groups at chain ends.

These polymers have numerous applications in the military industry, improving propellants by increasing their mechanical properties, resistance to humidity, and durability, e.g., HTPB is a binder of heterogeneous rocket fuels.

Produced 1,4-Cis-polybutadiene is widely used in the rubber industry as a base for rubbers of various hardness and grindability, used, for example, in car tires.

Easy and relatively economical production process.

Quality control coversa broad range of properties of all rubbers.