High-energy explosives

HMX / RDX production line

HMX / RDX production line

Allows production of HMX (Octogen), grade B, in a crystalline form, as per MIL-DTL-45444C,  and of RDX (Hexogen) Type I, in a crystalline form, as per MIL-DTL-398D.

Octogen and Hexogen have many military applications, e.g. HMX in a form of Pressem charges or in a mixture with TNT isused for filling of heads of anti-tank missiles. HMX is also used as a base for solid propellants, perforating charges and mining initiators(i.e., “shocktubes”). Hexogen isused as a filling of HE ammunition (in a form of Composition B),, as well as a component of plastic explosives and reactive armors.

The HMX technology is based on the non-acetic method, ensuring the highest purity of the final product. Octogen is made in the process of hexaminenitrolysis. The production process is carried out in two stages. During the first stage, an intermediate product, dinitropentamethylenetetramine (DPT), is obtained by batch nitrolysis of hexamine. In the secondo stage, DPT is converted into HMX in its stable form ẞ in a continuous process. At both stages, the reaction takes place in a nitric acid environment and does not require the use of substances included in the list of poisons.

Hexogen is resulting from the reaction of hexamethylenotetramine(hexamine), with nitric acid (V)of a minimum concentration of 98%.

On a customer’s request, the line can be designer for alternate production of both materials, i.e. HMX and RDX, or can be dedicated to just one of them.

The line capacity and granulation classes are customized to customer needs.