Detonation method

ANDROMEDA gas-tight detonation chamber

ANDROMEDA gas-tight detonation chamber

ANDROMEDA gas-tight detonation chamber is designed for destroying explosives, testing explosives, destroying ammunition and warfare agents, destroying ammunition components, hardening, pressing and welding ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as other hazardous materials weighing up to 2 kg of TNT equivalent.

The life span of the chamber is estimated at 100,000 detonations with the maximum allowable TNT equivalent.

The chamber is integrated with the sub-detonation gas cleaning system. After passing through the treatment system, the post-explosion gases meet all environmental standards.

Construction of the chamber made in a container construction enables transport by all means of road, rail and sea transport in a disassembled state, with the parts packed and secured for transport.

One full cycle of operation of the chamber lasts from 15 to 25 minutes and depends on the type of work carried out and the amount of waste and scrap obtained as a result.

On the basis of the solution developed by the company, it is also possible to produce detonation chambers designed to destroy loads weighing up to 6 kg of TNT.