Thermal utilization

Detonation kiln LUNAR

Detonation kiln LUNAR

LUNAR – ROTARY DETONATION KILN for disposal of small and medium caliber ammunition from 5.45 mm up to 37 mm or ammunition compounds, containing maliny such groups of explosives as:

  • high explosives e.g. TNT, RDX, A-IX-1 and others,
  • propellants e.g. nitro cellulose or nitroglycerine powders.

The kiln heated with fuel oil achieves combustion efficiency (in TNT equivalent) to 125 kg of explosive per hour.

The major post disposal products are metal scrap and gases. Gases that are produced during the incineration are directed into gas cleaning system.

Elements of gas cleaning system:

  • Buffer chamber with cyclone system,
  • Afterburner,
  • Heat Exchanger,
  • Optional cooler (quench),
  • Optional absorbent’s Fedder together with sleeve filter,
  • Fan,
  • Absorbent filter,
  • Emitter.