About us

JAKUSZ Ltd. is a Polish company with a well-established position on the defense market and 39 years of experience in the design and implementation ofspecial products and technologies.

The major strengths of company are our own construction, production and laboratory capabilities, comprehensive solutions and experienced engineering team.

The company’s portfolio covers four main business areas:

  • ammunition disposal
  • containers for safe storage and transport of hazardous materials
  • special chemical technologies
  • Information security & critical infrastructure protection.

The latest achievements of the Company include successful execution of the technological projects in Asia, Central Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Another success is performing R&D programs for the European Space Agency concerning oxidizers and propellants (solid and liquid).

Montaż linii do produkcji kauczuków  HTPBSpecial chemical technologies.
Installation of HTPB rubber production line.

Produkcja pojemników przeciwwybuchowychSafe storage and transport of hazardous materials.
Production of explosion-proof containers.

Wytapianie trotyluDisposal of ammunition and recycling technologies.
Melting of TNT.