Technologies for industrial disposal of munitions

JAKUSZ Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) has particular expertise in the field of safe disassembling and disposal of almost all types of conventional ammunition as well as recycling of materials obtained from that process for their reuse in the civil industry.

We offer technologies for disposal of ammunition in the range of calibers from 5,45 mm up to 203 mm, mortar ammunition to max 240 mm caliber and special ammunition, rockets, mines and air munitions.

Disposal technologies are applied wherever:

  • depots of obsolete out-of-date ammunition, which may present threat of uncontrolled detonation or environment al pollution, are existing;
  • destruction of defective ammunition from the production process is required,
  • safe disposal of confiscated ammunition is necessary, preventing from its fall into wrong hands.

Continuous growth of the company’s potential with in ammunition disposal technologies is allowed by i.a.:

  • construction and technological facilities,
  • high competences and extensive knowledge of the employed ammunition experts,
  • long-term cooperation with military research institutes eg. Military Institute of Armament Technology (WITU),
  • experience in disassembling of post-Soviet ammunition,
  • execution of the new project for disposal of various calibers, types of ammunition,
  • conducting own research & development works and dynamic detonation tests.

JAKUSZ provides complex ammunition disposal plants in stationary or mobile option together with assembly, start-up of the plant and training of Enduser’s operators.

Installation of the equipment inside compact containers is possible, provided that dimensions of ammunition to be disassembled allow it. Containers are equipped with all necessary installations and media. Aerial and sea ammunition of large calibers is disassembled in specialized halls and tents.